We are a blogging start up. Here you will get all information about Bhojpuri film industry. In-spite of vast success in the local market, the bhojpuri film industry and it's stars are under-rated, unlike the south stars who are very famous.

This blog is a genuine attempt to bring glory and price in the Bhojpuri film industry which is also know as Bhojiwood.

Here you will get updates about latest movies, scenes of popular movies, latest breaking news direct from the industry and about the lives of Bhojpuri stars which is hidden from general people.

We hope that this attempt will bring glory to the Bhojpuri industry and will change the mindset of people who still think that Bhojpuri movies are of poor quality.

This will also lighten up the lives of the stars who work hard in the industry but remain unrecoganised because the industry is under-rated.

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